Premium truckmount steam cleans. The best results available, delivered with pride

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Bringing an industrial strength clean into your home or business.


Fusion is an advanced cleaning process. We market ourselves for our ability to provide an industrial strength clean, tackling even the most heavily soiled carpets that most technicians would run from.

Hydramasters latest released boxxer truck mount and boosted Razorback portable equipment, combined with operator experience and market leading premier chemicals means SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED

Fusion's taken the five fundamentals and fused them together for an advanced steam clean.

  • Solution — the correct solution for your carpet.
  • Agitation — Rotary scrub to separate embedded soil.
  • Heat — the most important to rid your carpet of oils and
  • Pressure — Ample pressure regulated to your needs.
  • Vacuum — Boosted vacuum for quick dry time.

Wand steam cleaning

Our preferred method combined with rotary agitation.



  • Meet with client and discuss;.
  • Problem areas,
  • Time taken,
  • Expected results,
  • Hazards: people-animals-environment.


  • Pre spray carpet with correct safe cleaning solution;
  • Anti allergen treatment added if requested;
  • Deodorizer and sanitizer included;
  • Experienced operator to identify correct chemical for task;
  • Ozone friendly and non toxic:


  • Agitate carpet;
  • Slow speed floor polisher use to scrub carpet;
  • Special pads for delicate carpets;
  • Industrial brushes for heavily soiled carpets;
  • Separate embedded soils;
  • Assists stain removal:


  • Steam clean carpet;
  • Up to 100'C steam to ensure best clean available today;
  • Latest technology wand and equipment for fast dry time;
  • Conditioners used to keep carpet soft and rid any residues;
  • All waste water sucked back to van tank

What do we charge?

Wand steam cleaning is charged at $2.95/m2 or $45 for an average size room. Large areas may drop in price or be allegeable for anti allergen treatmeat special.


The RX20 Industrial Clean


For very heavily soiled carpets

  • Nightclubs, bars and restaurants;
  • Nightmare tenants;
  • Trashed carpets:

Our RX20 machine can be used to bring back carpets to its
original condition. Rotating, injecting steam and vacuuming at
the same time, the RX20 produces the deepest clean available
in today's market. Cutting through cake on fats, oils and greases
is easy for the RX20 .

Results are outstanding.

What do we charge?

The RX20 is charged at $3.95/m2

Please consider that industrial cleaning can be a fraction of the cost of new carpet. Do not hesitate calling to discuss. Large areas may come down in price.

Encapsulation Dry Cleaning


Technology has really brought forward encapsulation dry
cleaning to the point where it is now a strong contender with
steam cleaning. It cannot perform an industrial clean but
encapsulation defiantly works very well in commercial and
residential areas that are not oil soaked.

  • Carpet Vacuumed using upright brush allergen grade
    vacuum cleaner,
  • Carpet presprayed with encapsulation solutions and
  • Rotary scrub carpet assisting soil and stain encapsulating.
  • Vacuumed again removing encapsulated soils and stains
    leaving behind a fresh carpet.

Fusion Cleaning is a fair, efficient and an understanding

Please don't hesitate to call to discuss any queries.

You satisfaction is our satisfaction.


Carpet Protection

After carpet cleaning people often consider whether they should have their carpet protected as well.
Carpet protection or scotch guarding is a wise decision.

Protection technology prevents dirt and stains from penetrating the fibers of your carpet. If the product is applied properly, it will create a protective shield that repels liquids. You now have time to grab some paper towels and absorb the spill before it permanently stains. Scotching guarding will also assure you get maximum results from your next clean. Protected carpets are far easier to clean and will come up looking like new after a Fusion clean. Another benefit of Scotch Guarding carpet is the prevention of wear to the traffics areas. Carpet protection will extend the life of the high traffic areas. The Acrylic Polymer chemical is safe and extremely effective when applied correctly with the accurate measurements and techniques.

With your carpet being one of the most expensive furnishing in your home why wouldn't you protect it for peace of mind.

Fusion Cleaning offers two types of Carpet protectors

Maxim Advanced Carpet Protector

New Maxim Advanced uses a totally new technology to prevent spills from
bonding to fibers. Because Maxim Advanced coats fibers with a stain barrier
completely, not just at the top, spills will not bead up and then soak through to
create stains. Stains will be easy to remove even months later!

Actichem Fibre Shield

Actichem protectors are environmentally friendly, odourless and will not
change the feel or appearance of your carpet.
The microfilm formed repels dust mites, allergens, soils, oils, water, alcohols
and dyes allowing them to be easily cleaned away before becoming permanent stains.