Acid Cleaning will damage your pavers. Let Fusion Cleaning quote you on their safe methods

Concrete & Paver Cleaning

Water Recovery while pressure cleaning means a better job and safe on environment and surroundings

Concrete and brick paver cleaning is difficult enough for us professionals with all the fancy gear, knowhow and correct chemicals. So if you don't want to waste your weekend waving a gurni around and have job that's not satisfactory by the end of it, best leave it to Fusion Cleaning.

Dirt, oil stains, moulds and bacteria's if left to long can attack concretes surface, breaking down its bond causing earlier deterioration.

Concrete and brick being very porous means they are quick to draw stains deep below the surface. A professional Fusion Clean is the only safe way to bring it back to its original condition. Chase this with one of our superior sealers and your areas will stay protected and beautiful for many years to come.

Each job can have different demands and we can match them by being versatile in our approach.

What We Offer

Waterdragon High Pressure Vacuum Clean ( Water Recovery)


With the ability to use to 4000psi water combined with up to 120'C
stream means our service ability are the best of that best.

Vacuum is our major compliant that separates us from your standard pressure cleaner. When you introduce vacuum you now have a far better clean with no mess left behind. The times we do need to use chemicals, they will also be sucked back to tank and disposed of correctly.

Fusion cleaning will not flood your area with water and chemical

System of procedure

Step 1
  • Meet with client and discuss;.
  • Problem areas,
  • Time taken,
  • Expected results,
  • Hazards: people-animals-environment.
Step 2
  • Debris and surface moulds etc is removed with quick high pressure
    clean. ( Water only)
Step 3
  • Spray surface with correct chemicals and allow dwell time to release staining,
  • Operators are fully trained and experienced to identify chemicals needed
Step 4
  • Machine scrub if needed for soil separation and assist stain removal.
  • Heavy rotary floor polisher with Nylon brush attachment is used to maximize results
  • Hand scrub corners and hard to get places.
Step 5
  • 25HP Briggs and Stratton powered Truck mounted equipment
  • Up to 120'C steam temperature to help removal oils and kill moulds
  • Up to 4000psi hot water pressure for deep cleaning
  • Regulated pressure to suit delicate surfaces.
  • Pressure jets rotating at up to 800rpm cleaning the same piece of
    tile 13 times a second
  • All encased in a vacuum wand extracting all mess and solutions
    back to van tank
  • No spray up walls, gardens or surroundings
Step 6
  • Quality control job and prepare area for sealing or return back to