90% of carpets can be dried onsite. Carpet replacement not normally necessary

Flooded Carpet Restoration

  • Blocked drains
  • Split fish tanks
  • Overflowing basins and baths
  • Burst pipes
  • Leaking roofs

When things go bad in your home or business havoc is created in your life. Fusion can't stop these events from occurring however, we can quickly and efficiently restore these affected areas back to the original condition with as minimal disturbance to you as possible.

Replacing your carpet would be your biggest nightmare! Most believe when severe water damage occurs, the carpet and underlay is a write-off - this is not true.
  • Step 1 - remove all excess water using the extraction method. Hydramaster truck mounted equipment used for maximum water removal
  • Step 2 – apply special anti-browning chemicals to the carpet to prevent water staining and mould.
  • Step 3 - set up special air movers underneath the carpet, drying your carpet, underlay and flooring
  • Step 4 - relay carpet and final clean. Deodorize and stain removal included
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If the carpet is left to dry naturally without these steps preformed two problems will occur.

Underlay Rot - The top of the carpet will dry but the carpet core and underlay will not. Mould and algae will start to occur shortly causing an unpleasant musty smell and mould will form that can be harmful to your health, especially for infants and those who suffer from asthma. Eventually the carpet will deteriorate to the point of falling apart.


Water Staining – can and will start immediately on the surface of your carpet especially around the edges of the affected area. The longer it is left the harder it is to remove.

Fusion can handle all types of flooding. Be it major or minor we are diplomatic and professional. Most restoration jobs are completed in an average of 48 hours.

We are understanding, efficient and fair.

What Do We Charge?

$125/hr Callout and extract water,

$50 minimum anti browning chemicals,

$50 air mover hire per day,

Carpet relay price set by relayer,

$105 minimum final clean if needed.