Environmentally friendly graffiti removal. Water recovery used on all jobs

Graffiti Removal Sydney — Fusion Cleaning

  • Water recovery while cleaning on all graffiti jobs.
  • Own water supply for remote jobs.

Speed is the key when removing graffiti. The fresher the paint the easier it is to remove. Please don't hesitate in calling Fusion Cleaning. We will promptly get to you before the graffiti attracts more graffiti.

What Fusion Cleaning offers is an adaptable approach to every surface we are removing graffiti from.

Taggers often target the most expensive surfaces knowing that they are the hardest to remove paint from.

Trained and experienced in all types of expensive and delicate hard surfaces, we combine
Chemical-agitation-Pressure-Heat-vacuum for quick and safe removal without damaging the substrate.

Stone, Brick, Concrete, Render, Material - Colour bond, Galvanized, Aluminium, Perspex all responded differently to chemicals and pressure. If not combined correctly this determines how much graffiti is removal and if damage to the surface is created.

Things to look out for from inexperienced companies

  • If chemicals are used incorrectly on colour bond or Vinyl it will damage it beyond repair!
  • To higher pressure or Turbo Heads will leave scarring. Irreversible!
  • Concrete and brick pulls paint deep below the surface. If not all the paint is removed a shadowing affect will be left. Repair work is always more expensive than the original job so the best thing you could do is choose Fusion Cleaning.
  • Uninsured companies will leave you high and dry when they disappear of the map after creating thousands of dollars worth of damage.
  • Not following government and OHS standards can leave both the
    company and job site with hefty fines.

Fusion Cleaning is a second generation premium company that prides themselves in delivering outstanding results.

Anti graffiti coatings or sealers can be applied after cleaning. This will mean repeat attacks can be removed with ease.

Please check out our Sealing Tile & Concrete page for recommended sealers.