Bring your Lino back to life with a
Fusion Cleaning Polyurethane Seal

Vinyl and Lino Cleaning in Sydney

Facts about Lino

  • Cheap
  • Water resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Hygienic
  • Non slip
  • Responds well to sealing
  • Recyclable

Linoleum and vinyl has many benefits to it. All of these above points go hand in hand with it being simple to clean using the right products.

When applying your weekly or monthly cleaning you should only be using neutral floor cleaners. Neutral floor cleaners will be safe and effective especially if your flooring has been sealed.

Please be aware and stay away from using alkaline products as this can rapidly turn your flooring yellow. Bleaches and ammonias need to be avoided because staining will happen immediately.

Extreme care is necessary when using low PH cleaners for example; vinegars or acids if not used correctly can cut through the sealer causing damage to the lino, etching and cracking the surface may occur.


What Fusion offers


Fusion cleaning offers two types of cleans.

Neutral Buff Clean

When your sealer is not too damaged from scratching or general wear, normally most present in the traffic areas. A neutral buff clean is all you should require.

Fusion will apply a layer of neutral cleaner and polish or buff the surface followed by a rinse. This is a simple and effective clean. Cutting out the resealing cost will save you money so this can be a cheaper option.

Strip and Seal

Quite often necessary and performed more than a neutral clean the strip and seal. This is very effective at bringing back your flooring to its original condition.

Fusion will firstly apply a specific stripper and remove all old sealer using a slow speed floor polisher and pressure rinse. Once stripped to its natural base we will reapply one to four coats of polyurethane sealer giving it a fresh and beautiful shine and protecting it from damage.

The nature of a topical sealer is to prevent your flooring from being harmed. It is important to keep your product sealed to protect your flooring.

What Do We Charge?

Our cleaning price is $8.50 per m2.

Polyurethane sealer is:

$6.00 per m2 first coat

$4.00 per m2 second coat

$3.00 per m2 third coat