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Carpet Pet Stain Treatments

Fusion has adopted an intense treatment for severe staining and odour presence.

We all love our pets and the joy they bring to our lives. Unfortunately they sometimes have accidents. These mishaps can severely damage one of our most expensive furnishings in our homes—our carpet!

With the use of proven effective bio enzymatic action chemicals and antibacterial neutralizing deodorizers, the most unpleasant smells can be neutralized carpet-pet-stain-image2 using our advanced cleaning process.

When areas of carpet are continuously affected the smell is overwhelming, (especially on the hotter days,) after inspecting underneath the carpet you would probably find the carpet backing (jute) and underlay to be soiled and slowly festering. At this time action is needed.

Fusion treatment will resist your pets re-soiling

  • Step 1 Fusion will carefully lift your carpet and inspect to decide if step two is needed, or if a standard steam clean and deodorize is surfactant.
  • Step 2 Remove soiled underlay out of house. Wash and reseal your floorboards or concrete base. Cut and relay new underlay.
  • Step 3 Apply our proven bio enzymatic treatment to both sides of the carpet and massage in. Steam clean to extract waste and apply Hydrocide Odor neutralizer. Deodorizer
    images/carpet-pet-stain-image4has a plant extract that will deter your pet from re-soiling.
  • Step 4 Relay carpet. Treat pet stains with slow release hydrocide based stain remover and spray more deodorizer
    where needed.

This complete process is very effective

Stains less than 3 months old have a good success rate of
being removed—older stains can be drastically diminished if
not treated with a mixture of other cleaning products. The
longer you leave stains the harder they are to remove.

What Do We Charge?

Generally charge about $150 for a couple of m2 where the complete process is performed in an area that is not too hard to get to. We are fair and understanding so please don't hesitate to call to discuss.