Gone are the days of harsh acid polishing. New diamond grinding technology leading the way

Fusion Cleaning — Marble Polishing


Natural stones such as Marble, Limestone, Travertine and Terrazzo become worn and abraded due to foot traffic and abrasive materials.

Fusion Cleaning uses Spinergy diamond impregnated polishing pads to bring these stone tiles back to life. This service can your restore your stone tiles to better than the original factory finish.


Old methods require the technician to use multiple honing or polishing pastes containing acids. These compounds are difficult to use and can cause damage to the tiles and surrounding. Old acid polishing compounds are also hazardous to the user.

The diamond polishing techniques Fusion Cleaning performs require water only as lubrication. The job has now become a lot safer, faster and cheaper.

We start by honing the floor with resin bonded Diamond pads if necessary to remove scratching, deep etching or wear lines. Our
services/marble-polishing-image3 technicians will then move up the different grades of polishing diamond pads to give you the desired level of shine.

Penetrating sealer are recommended by us to now protected you newly refurbished stone from permanent staining. Please check out our Sealing Tile & Concrete page for recommended sealers.