Focussing on the dirty grout lines,
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Tile and Grout Cleaning in Sydney

You can rest assured when booking Fusion Cleaning for your tile and grout cleaning in Sydney.

We provide a very professional service. You can trust our highly experienced operator to carry out the task diligently and effectively.

With the support and backing of Australia's major tile and stone chemical supplier, combined with the latest truck mounted equipment, only the best results can be expected.

Your satisfaction is our satisfaction

When looking at other services often the cheapest is not the best. Cheaper jobs can often end up being a nightmare that could have been avoided.

The indoor or outdoor tiled area you are considering cleaning can often be harmed by using the wrong cleaning chemicals, or the incorrect cleaning equipment. For our customers we use the best of the best. Hydramasters Boxxer truck mounted equipment and Razorbacks portable equipment.

Be it terracotta, porcelain, ceramic, terrazzo or stone tiles, Fusion can tackle the area with its safe and advanced cleaning process.


What We Offer

Agitated SX12 Rotary Pressure Clean


  • Meet with client and discuss;.
  • Problem areas,
  • Time taken,
  • Expected results,
  • Hazards: people-animals-environment.


  • Tiled areas are presprayed with the correct solution and allowed
    dwell time.
  • Operators are fully trained and experienced to identify tiles and
    solutions needed.
  • Problem stains like rust and red wines are addressed.
  • Please note tiles now are very slippery so caution must be taken.


  • Machine scrub/agitate tiles and grout to assist soil separation and
    stain removal.
  • Heavy rotary floor polisher with nylon brush attachment is used to
    maximize results
  • Hand scrub corners and hard to get places.


  • SX12 Rotary Pressure Wand or the more powerful Water Dragon is
    passed over the areas to complete the clean.
  • 25HP Briggs and Stratton powered Truck mounted equipment
  • Up to 90'C steam temperature
  • Up to 4000psi blast water pressure for deep clean· Regulated
    pressure to suit delicate tile or grout
  • Pressure jets rotating at up to 800rpm cleaning the same piece of
    tile 13 times a second
  • All encased in a vacuum wand extracting all mess and solutions
    back to van tank
  • No spray up walls, gardens or surroundings
  • Dry on Completion


What Do We Charge?

Our standard cleaning price is $8.50/m2 for the SX12 agitated rotary pressure clean as described

However Larger Areas or when sealing will apply for a lower rate

Dirty Grout is one of our customer's major areas of concern!

The nature of grout being porous means it's the first to attract dirt and
be penetrated by oils. Fusion's cleaning process can provide dramatic
results returning the grout to its original colour you may once remember. The nice bright and clean floor is easily achievable.

  • Mould/algae
  • Rust/grout smearing
  • Lime scale
  • Mineral deposits
  • Road/builders dust
  • Tree/bird staining
  • Grease/oils/paints

Knowing which and how to use the correct chemical for the job is half the battle. We will arrive with alkaline and acids. Degreasers, strippers and special poultice pastes to draw out deep down stains in porous tiles. Today's chemicals have come as far as being strong and affective but safe on the operator and environment

As described a Fusion Clean is an advanced detailed clean. We now
recommend sealing to make your everyday cleaning (moping,
vacuuming or hosing) a lot easier and more affective. Please check
out our sealing page for the three different sealers available to suit
your requirements or budget.